Thursday, August 23, 2007

my first ticket: alas!

here is my first ticket.

there were no matches with the winning number. there was no winning ticket, so the jackpot has gone up to over 200 million. later on today, i'll be buying another ticket for tomorrow's draw.

incidentally, this is not my first lotto ticket ever, however. that would be three plays i did in december while visiting my partner's family. my mother in-law, a very successful surgeon, saw that the jackpot was high and said, "maybe we should play!" so i volunteered to get her a ticket. she gave me some money and told me to buy some for myself.

it was a good excuse for me to actually buy one, since i so often joked about it. so i went into a liquor store while my father in-law walked around looking at wine. of course, the form is stupidly simple, thus paradoxically confusing. i filled it out totally wrong, so the nice korean man had to tell me how to do it right. i chose one number and requested two quick draws. that yielded nothing, too.

i remember joking with my partner about how even though i saw her parents as wealthy, they wanted to play the lotto. just goes to show that we're always wanting more money, even when we have a lot. i wonder if i win this jackpot whether i will still want more...

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