Wednesday, May 7, 2008

on, damn, y'all, i been working!

what i done did:
1. submitted a CORE grant application with the city of austin for "una corda" (last week)
2. submitted an auxiliary grant application with the city of austin for attending the "vancouver stomp" (monday)
3. submitted the application for "vancouver stomp" (today)
4. shot a cooking video *in japanese* for demand video (who post to expertvillage)
5. was invited/solicited by eileen tabios to include this blog post and this review in tabios's next book manuscript--and accepted! (today)
6. applied for six job jobs at UT (over the past ten days)
7. worked at alma for six hours, finishing apps for the lmcc residency and the out on the edge fest (today)

many more things to do (like send off the shit i finished), but for now, i'm just gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back.


la rebelde said...

that's a lot of stuff. looks like you deserve a pat on the back!

Stephen Atkins said...

Congratulations KT!!