Sunday, September 14, 2008

on anne bogart, part I

i am reading anne bogarts' and then you act.

here are some lines from the book that i have found very relevant to where i am right now:

"The frustrations of living do not need to make you ill; rather, they can be transformed into the energy necessary to articulate well." (pg 20)

"Fundraising is action. Consider the pursuit of support and raising money as a part of your artistic process." (pg 27)

"If you have an idea for a project, by the time that you have described it to forty people it will be a better idea." (pg 28)

"There is really no need to come up with anything new. Redescribing what you have inherited will engender all the novelty and originality you crave." (pg 28)

"If you do not commit fully to the people with you now, like-minded others will never show up." (pg 31)

more soon!

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