Wednesday, October 17, 2007

on employment

right now i am sitting at my desk, at home alone. one of us being out of the house in the evening is a rare occurrence, something that both my partner and i tend to strategize and plan for. i had thought i would write or work on one of my websites, or at least, do something that i hardly have time for.

i sat down, opened the short story i've been working on and then decided to checkout what kinds of jobs were on craigslist. i've been contemplating looking for another job. life at the woodshop has become more chaotic and as much as i still enjoy making cabinetry and furniture, there are many things about the shop getting on my nerve. it also pays very low, meaning that it takes time away from my art while not giving me enough money to live.

well, looking at craigslist jobs is probably one of the best ways to get discouraged really fast. no, i don't have a degree in graphic design. i haven't worked 5 years as a web designer and i don't feel like making a site for your eyeware. i don't want to give up my weekends, and i don't want to work for free or very little.

shit on a stick. is this all that is out there? i have so much to say, but i'm getting sick of this screen. maybe i'll go pop in my old standby, pride and prejudice with colin firth.

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