Sunday, November 25, 2007

on roots

this weekend i've been cooking a fair amount. surprising, considering that we ordered t-day dinner in (for the past four t-days, i have cooked a huge meal for family and friends; this year we took a break). last night, i cooked oatmeal bread based on this recipe from the slow cook. my version wasn't nearly as light and fluffy as the slow cook's (probably due to the fact that i used whole wheat flour for half of the recipe), but it has been delicious.

today, i decided i wanted to tackle the roots i bought. last week, for my birthday, wonderful partner took me to an excellent foodie-type place called zoot. there, we tried a beautifully earthy root salad that has haunted me all week. so when i went to the co-op yesterday, i loaded up on beets, parsnips, turnips, and carrots. if there were rutabaga and celery root, i would have gotten that, too. so, after much web research (is that an oxymoron?), i found a great recipe at tea & cookies and combined it with this one at recipe bazaar. here is the dish going into the oven:
and here is how it looked after the oven:

and finally, my dinner plate from tonight:

note the slice of oatmeal bread that i baked last night. the sausage is locally made bratwurst that i sauteed in beer. the potatoes are left over from some i bought to make mash to use up the gravy we ordered in for t-day. anyway, it was very yummy.

nothing to do with the lotto, i know. and you might say it has nothing to do with art, either. well, i'm trying to get back on the artist's way and i'm on a chapter about abundance. one of the tasks is to bake or cook. i guess this is my version.

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I will be making that root roast before the end of the week.