Monday, August 25, 2008

on canadia/sur le canada, part two/deuxième partie

okay. i have to memorize some macbeth and some dante's inferno by tomorrow, and i need a good night's sleep, so here are the highlights since my last entry:

kintaro ramen on denman: very good, hand-made noodles. the ramen guy had a rhythm and precision that was awesome to watch in mouth-watering anticipation. it was also cute how he kept squinting to read the orders because he's too vain to get glasses. i got the rich (read fatty) broth with moist (read fatty) pork in shoyu flavor. mmm.

don't underestimate vancouver theatre. just because you go to a show on sunday night in the middle of an industrial district doesn't mean it won't be sold out. this isn't austin where people beg you to come see their show.

abdominal breathing + an intent/present listener/audience = an intensely intimate and vulnerable dramatic experience.

the suzuki acting method will make your thighs explode. and then you have to collect your thigh bits, piece them together, and get up and do more.

viewpoints is like montessori for adults. but with intention. and if you don't share, everyone looks bad. don't let the egalitarian, consensus-like, oberlin-esque ethos of viewpoints fool you: slacking off and cheating show. lack of generosity shows. it's not for the physically or emotionally timid.

note to self: canada is really a different place. it's not just the pretty money and the funny accents. you may, in fact, really like it here.

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Judy said...

Ha! I found your blog! Glad you found the ramen, but what did you think of the cream puffs? And have you been to any of the izakaya places?

Such bad luck with the weather, though. It was hot & sunny up until last weekend. Looks like it's already winter or something.

Looking forward to meeting up soon!