Wednesday, January 30, 2008

codex to my rage

i am arrogant.
i am "artsy."
i am elitist.
i am "equal opportunity."
i am earnest.
i am sarcastic.
i am painfully awkward.
i am a gatekeeper.
i am a guide.
i am convinced that you can do better.
i am very sure this is your best.
i am a walking cliche (who still can't figure out how to put accents on text in blogs).
i am a socialist.
i am a landowner.
i am an american.
i am japanese.
i am french.
i am german.
i am alsatian.
i am scottish.
i am irish.
i am black (according to adrian piper).
i am probably jewish, somewhere, way back somewhere.
i am ashamed of my body.
i am really sure you'd like my body.
i am stubborn.
i am indecisive.
i am flat-footed.
i am a former athlete.
i am a buddhist.
i am a catholic.
i am never, ever certain.
i most certainly am.
i am probably going crazy.
i am more sane than most people i know.
i am pretty sure this post is inane.
i am pretty sure this is "clever."
i am self-referential.
i am looking for my identity.
i am caring.
i am loving.
i am 99% sure you won't post a comment on this.
i am usually quite judgmental.
i am only telling mostly-truths.
i am usually suppressing my libido.
i am training to eventually become a nun.
i am concerned that i was born in the wrong year.
i am disturbed that i was born in the wrong body.
i am intrigued that i was born with the wrong face.
i am [not] (wo)man.
i am a reincarnation.
i am surely meant for redemption.
i am surely going to hell.
i am dead serious about all this.
i am laughing at you for thinking so.
i can fix your sink.

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