Sunday, January 27, 2008

on hatred and catharsis

once one becomes a certain age (whether actual or metaphorical) it is inevitable that we encounter certain, ah, unsavory people. they betray us, they sabotage us, they make us lose our faith in the human race. so develops a certain bile, where we find ourselves fantasizing about things our previous selves would have been appalled to think.

now, dearest readers, there is a new outlet for our otherwise dangerous desires. enter netdisaster. go to the link, and type in the web page, blog, myspace, whatever web presence of the person who done you wrong and then virtually destroy it. you can smite it with the hand of god, shoot it with bullets, throw tomatoes at it, hack it with a chainsaw, have a virtual dog poo on it, or have a frat boy vomit on it. among other things. even though most people i know personally would probably know whose webpage i spent several giggle-filled moments dumping on, i am not including it here, to protect loved ones. so i'm including an example of someone i'm pretty sure everyone hates: w. being smote by god. so poetic, don'tya think?

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