Monday, February 4, 2008

on infidelity

i'm telling you because, well, i knew you would find out somehow. so i thought it would be better if you heard it directly from me.


i started a blog on myspace
. sigh. i know. yes. the one with the goth highschool kids and the bands and the famously unworthy dane cooks. i know. i knew better.

it started out harmless enough. we just flirted. i got a page because all the other artists had them. but i didn't get involved. in fact, i really disliked it. repulsed by it even. i would actively ignore it.

but then, something happened. i started getting friend requests from people who were not trying to sell me get-rich-quick schemes. i started making connections with people. like my cousin. and started learning strange tidbits of information about people i only kinda sorta knew. and then it went outta control.

it made me feel like i knew these people. like they could know me. like somehow seeing scrolling slide shows of their weddings and their kittens and their strange antics that involved gum, magnets, and a pineapple... it was like i knew their kittens and their husbands and their gum, magnets, and pineapples.

and then, it happened. i posted a blog. and i knew that was the beginning.

but myspace means nothing to me, nothing! it's nothing like i have with you. i don't tell it my secrets. we don't have a...history. it is only words! mindless, meaningless words!

how was it?

it's, um... different.

i guess i wanted to feel younger. like i still had it. like i could talk like the cool kids and the hipsters. you know, use emoticons and only spell out every other word. i still don't like it very much. and it's not because you're not meeting my needs. i probably won't be blogging there much longer. you know, once the novelty runs out.

but still, i thought i'd ask. can we have an open blogging relationship?