Monday, February 11, 2008

on portraits

ever stay up late at night, talking with your bedmate, and then you realize the silliest things...

lovely partner and i were up late one night insulting our dogs. lovingly, of course. mila was a tiny little puppy when we got her. but she had big paws. we've always called her "man-hands." and then there was the name her breeder gave her, "smudge," which we liked, but couldn't quite adopt as our own name for her. shota also has a name his breeder gave him, "pinstripe." we refer to this as his slave name (since his breeder did engage in some....dodgy...uh....practices).

we realized that we could all have various nicknames.

we also realized that we haven't taken any family portraits since mila arrived. so i thought i would draw them.

the image above is us with our "mob" names--based on our faces. from the left: shota, mila, kt, lovely partner.

this left image is obviously about hair. i suppose this would be our bloodhound gang personas. or something like that. although, could be mob-ish, too.

and then there's this right image. it's more about our bodies. poor shota. he's been having this eating problem for over a year now. he gained a lot of weight back recently, but when he's thin, it's pretty sad. you know, whippets being naturally prone to thinness. and, if you haven't guessed, he's tan. and, since i did post a whole entry on my cup size, i hope you can infer correctly which one of us "boobs" is.

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