Wednesday, February 13, 2008

on our people dying

so it goes, yet another beautiful person of color is gone. raulrsalinas has passed.

i only had a couple of conversations with him. but each word was laced with a fierce warmth that would both unset and console me at the same time. didn't know him nearly as well as i would have liked. but then again, i have never known anyone as well as i would have liked; i often realize this after they are gone.

and so that bespectacled, pony-tailed, poetry speaking man who showed up, invited people to show up, who brought so many together, thousands and thousands of people together...

i wish. i wish. i wish.

old enough to have been an elder, but a bit too young to move on.

i know he wouldn't want me to be angry, not on his account. maybe on account of everything else, or the context... but i am. because i'm sick of losing amazing people of color--artists, community builders, nurturers--far too early. far too early. i'm angry at death. i'm angry at disease. and i'm angry at what it is that takes them.

sharon and ana have also written about him, with words so powerful and consoling.

go in peace, Tatooed Teacher, Mentor of Many.
but dammit, you will be missed.

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