Tuesday, February 19, 2008

on neediness

i am reaching for your hand
i am looking for your eyes
i am straining my ear to hear your voice

i know what it feels like
i know how they look
i know what you will say

because i am eating
with my senses
while i'm starving my stomach

i consume everything
all the time
voracious and not easily sated

give me give me give me
your every secret
the essence of your very soul

i want to suck your life
just so i can sustain mine
i am a vacuum

what i have is more than enough
but i want more
much, much more

i will take it from you
you won't even notice
in the tone of your voice

the sigh of your breath
the pauses between words of significance
and as you walk away

i will lick my lips
with that crazed glint in my eye
searching for the next one to consume

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