Tuesday, March 4, 2008

introducing myself

i wrangled my way into this blog. kt is so whipped! i'm here to spread rumors about her just for shits and giggles. first up: i wrote a paragraph of her creative capital grant. that's okay because i also wrote part of a paragraph in her graduate school application essay. (hee.) but that's it, honest. i haven't written any of her masters thesis. god knows, i don't have the goddess-given balls or talent to write any of her short stories. you should read them. i'd scan them in but there are copyright issues. and lesbo co-dependency stuff. did you know our lesbo couples therapist spends hours and hours telling us to stop dressing like twins? just kidding. in truth, i end up dressing a little like her -- not kt, but the girl-mo therapist. weird, huh? hey, have you checked out the blog girlfriendisahomo? it's my new find for today. i'd link to it but i'm really tired today. i stayed all up night writing kt's creative capital grant. did i mention that already?


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