Saturday, March 15, 2008

on auditions, on requests

i'm auditioning for a part tomorrow. it's for a 60-ish, korean male minister part. this makes me smile. i'm nervous (i always get nervous before auditions), but if i get cast for this, i'm super excited. because how much will my chops get honed?! old? korean? minister? i've done male before, but this is a very particular masculinity that i'm very interested in embodying.

uncomfortable, here we come! woo-hoo! i love it!

(wish me luck, or rather, to break a leg.)

in other news, i actually saw, in person, some of you lovely readers yesterday. which was wonderful. it really means a lot that what i write here connects with people i love and respect. one of you mentioned that you like looking at the pictures. so. i'm gonna try to get back to more drawings. and maybe photos. yes. that's a promise.

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